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Making a stop motion music video for ‘The Ecstatics’

In this the making-of video for ‘The Ecstatics’ by Explosions in the Sky, Polina Zakharova documents how director and animator Hayley Morris created the music video’s paper, plastic, and glass stop motion animations. Morris writes:

Everything was shot in camera using paper, projections and translucent materials like plastic and glass. The band’s brief was to create something inspired by “wilderness of the mind.” I thought of the beautiful chaos that is in the mind space and how that space has a multitude of transitions, whether it’s a transition from life to death or going from unknowing to knowing.

Here’s the final piece: The Ecstatics (Official Video).

There are more animated music videos in the archives, including Shugo Tokumaru’s Katachi, Paper Plane by Massimo Giangrande, Katie Melua’s Perfect World, a wintry adventure, and Østersøen by Ödland.

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