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Making homemade coconut oil from 100 coconuts

A retired building painter and a skilled cook in the district of Tiruppur, India, P Arumugam prepares authentic South Indian dishes in small and large quantities on YouTube’s Village Food Factory channel. The popular videos, often featuring help from the entire family, are filmed and edited by his son A Gopinath, a young filmmaker. From Open:

“For six months or so, I had been thinking of shooting videos and earning ad revenue from them. ‘What would people want to watch that I could shoot?’ I asked myself. The answer was easy: food. We are a family of passionate cooks, and father is the most experienced among us. When I was in Class VI, he had a small biryani shop. He had honed his skills cooking for a Chettiar family in his youth,” Gopinath says.

Above, Arumugam preps and cooks the meat of 100 coconuts to make coconut oil, eventually using a small amount to grill some chicken. Though he speaks Tamil without subtitles, the multistep process is easy to follow.

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h/t Boing Boing.

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