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Making hyperrealistic cat portraits with wool felt

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Shining eyes, soft fur, serious faces. WakuNeco creates hyperrealistic cat portraits with needle felting, a process of interlocking wool fibers together with a barbed needle. The orange cat video above shares how the eyes and fur are attached to a felted, shaped face with ears, trimming the pieces with sharp scissors to achieve the right length. The faces are finished with a frame. Watch another portrait come to life:

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To try needle felting, we recommend needle felting kits from Dimensions, Woolbuddy, or Hamanaka (in Japanese). There are also books like Woolbuddies: 20 Irresistibly Simple Needle Felting Projects and Little Felted Dogs: Easy Projects for Making Adorable Needle Felted Pups.

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via Laughing Squid.

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