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Making LED rainbow cotton candy

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Cotton candy on a stick, fluffy rabbits with winky faces and colorful ears, and glowing rainbow clouds with LED lights embedded on the stick. Stand on a street corner in South Korea and see how these delicious street treats are made with the help of this how-it’s-made dessert video from the ETTV 이티티비 YouTube channel.

ETTV, which stands for Enjoy Today TV, specializes in documenting how Korean street food is made. This street vendor’s treat menu includes a bear face option, too.

cotton candy street vendor in Korea
cotton candy rabbit
Heated and liquified, sugar spun at high speeds flies out of the spinning machine in fine, instantly-cooled strands. The maker spins the stick to wrap the confection like a colorful cotton ball. From

Cotton candy gets its unique texture from the fact that the sugar cools so rapidly that the particles cannot fully recrystallize. They’re left in a weird, semi-liquid state which, believe it or not, makes cotton candy to sugar what glass is to sand. Yes, cotton candy is basically thin, poofy sugar-glass.

Read more about cotton candy’s history at Spun Paradise.

glowing cotton candy
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