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Making noodles by hand at Houston’s Uyghur Bistro

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In the kitchen at Houston’s Uyghur Bistro, chef Jacob Chen demonstrates two noodle-making techniques. The first sends clippings of noodle dough into (what looks to be) a broth on the stove. Chen’s second handmade demonstration is a wonder: He twists and pulls the elastic dough into beautifully long, thin, and equally-formed noodles with deceiving ease.

The menu at Uyghur Bistro features 20 handmade noodle dishes from the XinJiang Autonomous Region of China where the Uyghur people hail from.

Uyghur Bistro
Read more about Chen in this photo essay by Terabeza, a Houston-based blog about the city’s cultural diversity, religious festivals, and immigrant stories through meals.

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