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Making Space and art with illustrator Christian Robinson

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Inspired by his children’s book Rain, award-winning picture book illustrator and author Christian Robinson (@theartoffun) demonstrates how to create rain-themed stamp art with found items from around the house. The project provides kids with an opportunity to explore moods and emotions, too.

“As we go through this challenging time, our feelings might be all over the place. And that’s okay! Making stuff is one way I process and express what I’m feeling. Just know you are not alone, and that we’re all in this together.

making raindrops / moods
christian robinson
This is the third episode in his video series Making Space with Christian Robinson. Watch episode 2: Friendships, below. Robinson is joined by his friends Julie Fogliano and Jillian Tamaki, who wrote and illustrated My Best Friend. He also draws some animal friends.

can phone

Episode 1: Gratitude is on Instagram. Robinson creates a collage rainbow from a cardboard box, three colors, and stuff from around the house. This episode was inspired by his award-winning book Last Stop on Market Street.

Visit Robinson on Instagram at @theartoffun for more pictures, videos, and book giveaways.

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