Kate Wurzbacher has pioneered VR live-action capture since the earliest days of Here Be Dragons, FKA Vrse.works. As Head of Camera, she’s been on-set for over 30 shoots in locations spanning from Raja Ampat to Islamabad. Leaning on Kate’s extensive experience and unique toolset, Dragons was among the first companies to utilize custom rigs and incorporate camera movement in 360 films. Whether prototyping 360 stereo rigs or designing unique on-set viewing solutions, Kate’s extensive experience in customizing cameras has propelled Dragons to the forefront of creative, experiential storytelling in VR.

See how Kate Wurzbacher works in this video from Mashable’s ‘How She Works’ series: Making The Impossible Possible in VR. The video also features JR’s A Walker in New York City project and a fire stunt clip from GE’s ‘Unimpossible Mission’ series.

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