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Making Wallace and Gromit plasticine figures from A Grand Day Out

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The moon isn’t really made of cheese, but in the Oscar-winning short A Grand Day Out (1989), British inventors Wallace and Gromit made the moon look rather delicious.

When craft YouTuber Clay Attraction 클레이맀λ ₯주의보 was a kid, she saw Wallace eating cheese on the moon and always wanted to try it, so she decided to make her own Wallace and Gromit moon picnic figures with plasticine, the non-hardening modeling clay that was used to make Nick Park‘s original British stop-motion animated short film.

gromit bag detail
Watch as she expertly forms each component and detail of their bodies (modern versions from more recent animations) and picnic accessories with non-hardening Jovi Plastilina modeling clay, twine, printed paper, metal, and paint.

The narration and captions are in Korean. Turn on closed-captioning (CC) for English subtitles.

wallace's jumper
wallace's hands
Watch a clip from the original 1989 claymation short film that inspired her plasticine creation:

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Wallace and Gromit in plasticine
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