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The Kid Should See This

Making wire gears + the kinetic sculptures of Arthur Ganson

We love gears. Steel gears, wooden gears, paper gears, unusually shaped gears… but we’d yet to see handmade wire gears. Enter Arthur Ganson and his kinetic sculptures, including the one above, Machine with Housefly.

Spirals, springs, handmade gears, and long thin wires give this Rube Goldberg-style machine some interesting rhythms and a fun final image.

Below, watch how Ganson bends gears. He writes:

The wire-bending tool was designed to simplify and standardize the bending process. Each new gear is catalogued and the tool settings are recorded. Thus, it is easy to duplicate or modify any wire gear. The second tool is a simple device for centering the gear and spot-welding the spokes. Tool and jig making has always been an integral and joyful part of my sculpture making process.

Watch more gear videos and more kinetic sculpture videos on this site.

h/t Makezine.

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