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Male Blue Manakins wait in line to impress a female

Taking turns with other suitors, male Blue Manakins seem to wait in a relatively polite line before briefly but repeatedly trying to impress their potential mate.

Almost blending into the trees with her green feathers (you can see her on the left of the branch), she observes them as they each display their skills and bright plumage. At the end, they all line up again to await her decision. Their anticipation at the two minute mark is a bit intense!

Blue manakins can be found in the forests of north-eastern Argentina, southern and south-eastern Brazil, and Paraguay. Here’s another display:

There’s also an endless gif. (Thank you, internet.)

Related watching: the mating dance of the Red-capped Manakin, which looks a little like the moonwalk.

via The DoDo.

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