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Marble Machine XS, a miniature musical mechanical tribute

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Inspired by Martin Molin’s Wintergatan Marble Machine music project, audiovisual artist and a Swedish craftsman Love Hultén built a miniature version from video observation alone. The project took “around eight months of trial and error, from designing the parts to final assembly.”

The programming wheel design of MMXS imitates Molin’s original, but instead of tactile interaction and acoustic elements, MMXS relies on a DC motor for mechanics combined with sounds generated by a synthesizer (Axoloti Core). MMXS is battery powered and features 16 notes, 128 programming bars, 10 different sound presets, speed control, volume and a built-in speaker. The finish of the machine is inspired by older Meccano toy sets

M A R B L E M A C H I N E X S by Love Hulten

I intended the MMXS to play the original Wintergatan song, but the mechanics just couldn’t handle the pressure. In the end I had to come up with something of my own. All the sounds in the video are generated by the marble machine itself, with the exception of background layer and lead pad created by my small Bivalvia Synthesis.

marble machine xs
up close on the steel ball marble holders
ICYMI: Watch the 2,000-marble filled original machine and its improved 2.0 version made for touring.

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