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The classic mirror scene from The Marx Bros’ Duck Soup (1933)

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From 1933, the classic mirror scene from The Marx BrothersDuck Soup. (A great DIY comedy activity, too!) 

Groucho Marx
A movie summary from Britannica:

“Groucho Marx played Rufus T. Firefly, the cynical, sarcastic, and money-hungry leader of a fictional country called Freedonia. Margaret Dumont, a standard in the Marx Brothers’ films, was once again the butt of Groucho’s barbs, playing a rich dowager easily wooed by his questionable charms. When the ambassador of neighbouring country Sylvania attempts to overthrow Firefly—and win Dumont’s affections—Firefly declares war on Sylvania. Chico Marx portrayed a peanut seller elevated to secretary of war on the whim of Firefly, and Harpo played his characteristically silent sidekick.”

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