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Maze-making techniques and tips

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In this silent stop motion short, visual arts maker and educator Benjamin Pawlowski shares how to make a maze, an age-old puzzle that’s chock-full of connected paths and dead-ends that might confuse and confound someone who is trying to find their way through it.

First, Pawlowski creates the primary tunnel from start to finish. Then he erases sections along the path to create lots of new paths, and he looks at moving where the start and finish points are.

change starting and stop points
After you’ve done that, you can start to make the maze more difficult by activating dead spaces and adding new goals and story elements. Watch the video to see how.

opening spots up
Pawlowski describes each step in the Kennedy Center Education Digital Learning version of this activity below:

drawing a maze
complicating the maze

a stitched version of the maze
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