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Ten minutes of deep-sea animals: Why do they look “strange” or “scary”?

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Created from a series of clips filmed by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), this ten-minute video from MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) shares what can be seen in the depths of Monterey Bay other deep-sea places off the coast of California.

From the blob sculpin to the Pacific blackdragon and beyond, captions and video chapter notes identify each of the creatures for further exploration.

Peacock squid
Why would a creature that lives in the dark be red? Why do some of them have such massive teeth? Do these deep-sea creatures look weird? What if we’re the weird ones?

Pacific Dragon
The companion Monterey Bay Aquarium video below explains why these animals are perfectly adapted for the conditions that they live in.

Panda bear sea angel

“‘Strange.’ ‘Alien.’ ‘Bizarre.’ ‘Scary.’ These are just some of the words used to describe deep-sea creatures—but what if they’re *not* the weird ones?! Join Monterey Bay Aquarium scientists Alicia, Ellen, Mackenzie and Tommy to learn more about the fascinating lifeforms and mesmerizing adaptations these creatures use to survive in the pressures of the deep.”

Feather Star
Plus, explore more with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Into The Deep exhibition.

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