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Meadow, a colorful kinetic sculpture of mechanical flowers

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Inspired by the way some species of flowers open in the morning and close at night, the team at Studio Drift designed and built LED-lit robotic flowers. Hanging like chandeliers from the ceiling, Meadow is a kinetic sculpture that opens and closes in response to movement below, as if museum goers are “the sun to a blooming flower.”

“Underneath Meadow, integrated sensors translate the presence of the visitors into different ‘moods’. The robotic flowers blossom by mixing the light colour and the colour of the fabric that in itself has a colour gradient. All flowers together create the experience of a botanical creature that naturally engages the viewer in symbiosis.”

The video above shares a site-specific installation of Meadow commissioned by the Chodov Centre in Prague.

meadow from below
meadow up close
Here’s another look at a similar Meadow installation, filmed from the side at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Meadow in Amsterdam
Previously from Studio Drift: Shylights, blooming silk light sculptures at the Rijksmuseum.

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