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Microworld Unseen: SEM images of the Pale Grass Blue butterfly

Everyday objects and life forms, magnified hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands times, what would you see? That’s what we want to show in Microworld Unseen, a new project from Beauty of Science, in which we use a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to explore the microscopic world and discover extraordinary and beautiful sceneries within ordinary objects and life forms.

See the pale grass blue butterfly (Pseudozizeeria maha) up close in this premiere Microworld Unseen video. The Beauty of Science education team picked this common insect of Asia to emphasize how surprising it can look with SEM images. Compare them below:

Microworld Unseen pale grass blue (Pseudozizeeria maha) scanning electron microscope
Microworld Unseen pale grass blue (Pseudozizeeria maha)
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