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How Big Is The Sun? – MinutePhysics

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Even though the sun and the moon look around the same size in the sky, the sun is 400 times bigger than our planet’s moon and is 400 times farther away. Compare the sun’s 150,000,000 km (93,205,679-ish miles) distance from us, and the moon being “just” 384,400 km (238,900 miles) away. And what about the scale of other solar system objects? Get a gander at Pluto and Charon compared to the Earth and the Moon…

“And Jupiter, which, as a rough rule of thumb, has about 10 times the radius of the Earth and one tenth the radius of the Sun. Saturn is slightly smaller than Jupiter, though its rings go out twice as far – still only a third of the way to the Moon, though. Mars’ moons are very close and very small, which gives rise to another moon-sized coincidence: Phobos is almost the same size in the martian sky as the Sun, and can cause annular eclipses just like our Moon here on Earth.

This fascinating Minute Physics video asks, “How Big Is the Sun?” and then explores a bit more.

size comparisons
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