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Mogu & Perol

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Mogu is a young bigfoot boy who makes delicious food on Yummy Island. Little Perol likes to stop by his house right when the food is ready. What happens when Perol starts to selfishly take over meals? Watch this award-winning stop-motion short from Japan: Mogu & Perol (Morimori-shima no Morg to Perol).

Some harsh words are used during a wild berry misunderstanding, and soon there’s a hunger zombie loose on the island, but the friends manage to find their way back to each other. All it takes in the very end is a delicious meal.

And hopefully, Perol will help with cooking in the future.

mogu & perol in the forest
mogu cooking
Produced by Dwarf Studios, Mogu & Perol was directed by Tsuneo Goda, the creator of DOMO. This version has English subtitles. Visit their English site here.

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via Short of the Week.

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