Stilt-walking high above the street in Trinidad, Jonadiah Gonzales makes moko jumbie moves look easy. The feats come from practice. He and fellow dancers Adrian Young and Stephanie Kanhai teach and perform their Carnival-ready dance moves with their all-ages performance group Touch D Sky. See their gravity-defying choreography and costumes in this video about Dance in Trinidad: Moko Jumbie On 9-Foot Stilts from The New York Times.

NYT has profiled a variety of local dance tradtions in their series Dance in the Real World, including Dance in Chicago: Skating with James Brown’s Style, a look at how The Rink on 87th Street turns into a dance floor with the help of roller skater Calvin Small. He invented the smooth groove footwork of J.B. skating with two friends in 1971.

Next: The Washington Ballet’s hardest dance moves, La mécanique de l’Histoire, an acrobatic performance by Yoann Bourgeois, and How the Bronx brought breaking to the world.

via @JossFong.

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