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The Kid Should See This

Mom’s Original Chinese Dumpling Recipe

Dumplings are a traditional Chinese Lunar New Year celebratory food that you can make all year around, and there’s no shortage of recipes online to try: From lamb and pumpkin dumplings, to pork dumplings, to vegetarian dumplings, to authentic Jiaozi, to six easy dumpling recipes that children can help make.

We like this homemade video by Dan Seto: Mom’s Chinese Dumpling Recipe. He writes:

This is my Mom’s original recipe to make Chinese dumplings. She adds tapioca flour to the wheat flour to give it a chewy texture. You can add more or less of the tapioca flour to get the texture that you like. The steaming time for the Chinese dumplings depends on the type of filling and the thickness of the dough. Fifteen to twenty minutes should do it. Enjoy!

For more yum, check out NYT’s Lunar and Chinese New Year recipe collection and The Serious Eats Guide To Dumpling Styles Around the World.

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