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How Crayons Are Made, the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood classic

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Mix hot liquid wax, hardening powder, and some color pigment. Pour the mixture into a mold of small cylinders, and after it cools, pop them out! Label them, collate them, and box them. This classic 1981 crayon factory visit from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is an excellent addition to our factory and How Things Are Made video collections. Watch as Mr. Rogers narrates.

Update: It seems there are two different versions of this visit, a shorter one, above, and the one below.

crayon molds
These videos disappear from the internet all the time. If you’re having trouble viewing it, you can also find the video at or with one of these videos:

Those jazzy sound effects are the best.

crayons being sorted
We love when the same story is told from different perspectives. Don’t miss Sesame Street: how crayons are made — a shorter, wordless version with an equally wonderful soundtrack.

Also excellent: Bert Haanstra‘s Oscar-winning, jazz-filled short film Glas.

Updated video.

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