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Murmiland Marble Run Fun

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What’s going on with these marbles? This series of clips features handcrafted wooden marble toys mingling with some gravity-defying scenes. There are no animations, but there are clearly a few slow-motion and reverse runs in the mix. It’s a mesmerizing Murmiland Marble Run Fun.

elephants transferring marbles
Murmiland is a one-of-a-kind exhibit of over 60 hands-on marble runs for all ages in Hanover, Germany, a passion project business created (and mostly handmade) by Ortwin Grüttner. And the marble toys are delightful: Wooden snails, elephants, fish, wobbly gravity coasters, and at least one hungry Murmi, one of the exhibit’s many fairy tale creatures.

murmi eating marbles
fish spitting marbles
Create your own marble runs with cardboard tubes and tape. This link can help get kids started: Explore Gravity and Friction With Marble Runs.

Or explore Andrew Gatt’s Ultimate Paper Roller Coaster templates.

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