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N is for (Electrical) Noise – Circuit Playground

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“You can’t see it or hear it, but it sure can affect your electronics!” In this episode of Adafruit‘s Circuit Playground, Adabot and Minerva Owl Bot attempt to solve the mystery of electrical noise, which can cause issues with Wi-Fi, walkie-talkies, and other electrical devices.

Adabot and Minerva
The culprit causing the electrical noise, Minerva explains, can be devices with motors.

“Noise could also come from devices that use a lot of power or send out radio waves or microwaves… Too much electrical noise can confuse or overwhelm a circuit. Engineers often have to work on reducing electrical noise in their circuitry because less electrical noise makes the circuit work better.”

the video won't load
Once Minerva and Adabot identify where the interference is coming from, they can finally talk over their walkie-talkies and maybe even watch the movie.

popcorn for movie watching
Founded in 2005 by MIT engineer Limor Fried, Adafruit is an open-source-dedicated company that designs and manufactures electronic kits, components, and tools. In addition to Circuit Playground, Adafruit creates video tutorials, product showcases, and live streams for its community of all skill levels and ages.

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