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NASA filmed Orbital ATK’s Atlas V Cygnus launch in 4K+ UHD

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NASA documented the launch process of the Orbital ATK CRS-4 Cygnus spacecraft, propelled on the shoulders of an Atlas V rocket on December 6, 2015, with an array of six 4K+ cameras. The Ultra High Definition (UHD) setup makes for an especially incredible looking launch in slow motion. Full screen this and set it to the highest resolution you can. More from NASA:

The mission is Orbital ATK’s fourth cargo delivery flight to the station through NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services contract. This is the first flight of an enhanced Cygnus spacecraft to the station. The cargo freighter now features a greater payload capacity, new UltraFlex solar arrays and new fuel tanks. Cygnus’ pressurized cargo module has been extended and increases the spacecraft’s interior volume capacity by 25 percent, allowing more cargo to be delivered with each mission. It’s also the first Cygnus mission using the Atlas V launch system.

Science payloads will support science and research investigations that will occur during the space station’s Expeditions 45 and 46, including experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science — research that impacts life on Earth. Investigations will offer a new life science facility that will support studies on cell cultures, bacteria and other microorganisms, a microsatellite deployer and the first microsatellite that will be deployed from the space station, and experiments that will study the behavior of gases and liquids and clarify the thermo-physical properties of molten steel and evaluations of flame-resistant textiles.

The cargo arrived safely at ISS on December 9th.

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