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Ndeye Fatou, Senegal’s 13-year-old go-karting champion

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Thirteen-year-old Ndeye Fatou is the only girl competing in Senegal’s national go-karting championship. In this BBC What’s New and BBC Actu Jeunes video, she shares in French what it’s like to stand out on the go-kart track and to receive the support of her family and friends.

Turn on closed captioning (CC) for English subtitles.

“For me, gender doesn’t matter. All sports are made for human beings. People who want to do swimming should do it, those who want to do dancing should do it and people who want to do mechanical sports like me should be free to do it.”

go kart racing
Fatou with her father

“What motivates me to stay [in go-kart racing] is the support I get from my family. Especially my father who trains me every day, who gives me advice. But I mostly do this to show our society that it’s not only boys who can do sports, there are also girls who can do mechanical sports and win.

“I love the thrill of driving, I also like deciding on trajectories, calculate them; science is also my passion, so I sometimes calculate the turns in my head and I like to do scientific things in the bends.”

Ndeye Fatou
BBC What’s New and BBC Actu Jeunes are the BBC’s first bilingual programs for teens.

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