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Needle felting a stop-motion puppet bullfrog

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A large stop-motion puppet comes together with needle-felted wool that covers a frog-shaped structure made from foam and wire armature. Captured in this one-minute video, the bullfrog is created in two days, expertly crafted by stop-motion animator Andrea Love.

The character, designed by children’s book author and illustrator Phoebe Wahl, is one of the many elements made for their short film Tulip.

This contemporary adaptation of Thumbelina follows Tulip, a little girl who is born from a flower, as she explores the wild and wondrous garden outside her mother’s house. In her quest to find her way back to where she belongs, Tulip meets many creatures, some kinder and more helpful than others.

needle felting a bullfrog
Love shared a second time-lapse video documenting how more of the 20 needle felted puppets were created:

Watch the textile- and wonder-filled 2021 trailer:

Tulip scene
Then go behind-the-scenes with the creators in their 2020 Kickstarter pitch film. The project met its funding goals:

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