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Neodymium magnet collisions filmed in slow motion

What happens when Speks-style magnet balls, magnetic cubes, and plastic-covered disc magnets collide with large and powerful neodymium magnets? Watch them fly through the air, crash, and stick together in this slow-motion footage, all filmed at 1000 frames per second by YouTuber Magnetic Games.

Then check out an earlier experiment that showcases the power of these larger blocks: An Insane Magnet Tower in Slow Motion.

With names like Goliath, Monolith, and Death Magnet, you can imagine the strength of these magnets’ attraction as they’re stacked with a wedge and separated with a wooden contraption. Both actions can be extremely dangerous with large, powerful magnets like these. Please note these neodymium magnet hazards to help practice safe and smart science.

Next: Smashing stuff with neodymium magnets, the surprising interactions between copper and neodymium magnets, and what can you do with a large neodymium magnet?

Plus, this DIY video: How to make simple homopolar motor race cars.

via Boing Boing.

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