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New Spring, mist-filled ‘blossoms’ grow from a ‘tree’

New Spring: A sculptural tree grows ‘blossoms’ full of white mist. They fall and bounce gently on the ground, or might pop when they’re touched. The six meter (almost 20 foot) tall installation, filmed by Martyn White Designs, was created by Studio Swine for fashion brand COS during Salone del Mobile 2017. Studio Swine writes:

“Inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan, we wanted to create a special moment that brings people together. A fleeting experience that evokes fragility and changing of the seasons.”

Check out their bubble-filled promo vid:

Previously from Studio Swine: Gyrecraft – Transforming sea plastics into valuable objects and Sea Chair: Making a stool from plastic debris found in the open sea.

Bonus: The jazz of a helium ball & charcoal, a levitating top in a foggy soap bubble, Cave aux Bulles, and making efficient shapes with bubbles.

h/t Boing Boing.

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