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Newborn Valais Blacknose lambs at Windfold Farm

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Valais Blacknose lambs have been called the cutest sheep in the world, and this video helps to bolster that claim. In this December 2020 Windfold Farm update from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Jackie Horne shares a peek at two of their newborn Valais Blacknose lambs.

The girls were both healthy, joining a friendly boy and triplets from two other Valais Blacknose mums. Horne’s partner Martin Philip can be seen bottle-feeding the little boy lamb, Hank, at the end of the video.

triplet valais blacknose lambs
Hank bottle feeding
Originally from the mountains of Switzerland, Valais Blacknose sheep have only recently been exported to other parts of the world. More about the breed from Parkdale Valais Blacknose, a New Zealand-based breeder:

The Valais Blacknose Sheep have an incredible temperament, addictive personalities and super cute looks and of course they have a story behind them that everyone loves, coming from the Swiss Alps. … Both sexes have spiral-shaped twisted horns, the rams heavier and spiralling down and the ewes lighter and tending to point out.

The Valais Blacknose is considered a rare breed with total numbers not known, but in the vicinity of 20,000 worldwide.

In a March 2021 video update, Horne shared where each of the lambs will be moving to now that they’ve grown. They’re much bigger, but Hank is still friendly and will stay on her farm. She explains:

The first 3 will be leaving to Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire so not far at all and strangely enough the last two will be only going to Udny in Aberdeenshire… Keeping them local.

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