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A homemade Popcorn-playing ‘pop instrument’

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France-based musician and homemade instrument builder Nicolas Bras created a four and a half octave ‘pop instrument‘ from PVC pipes. “The principle is very simple,” he explains:

“You choose a finger that fits into the pipe and [pop sound]. If you plug the end of the pipe you get one octave lower. And I would love to have a full chromatic set of this sound.”

Nicolas Bras
The video’s pop-filled edits document how each pipe was was cut and refined to create the desired note. He also builds a wood stand for the set.

He completes the video by playing a song that’s well-suited for the instrument: Popcorn, the 1969 synth-pop song by Gershon Kingsley, made famous by Hot Butter.

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pop instrument
PVC pips playing Popcorn
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