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The Kid Should See This

Nine animal sounds and Super Mario World sound effects created with a violin

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Moo like a cow. Squeak like a mouse. Chirp like a cricket. Trumpet like an elephant… all with a violin. Musician Sebastiaan Kulwanowski makes it look easy in this demonstration of nine animal sounds recreated with his violin. In addition to the animals listed above, he’s also practiced a seagull, a donkey, a fly, a sparrow, and a blackbird.

In the video below, Kulwanowski recreates the Super Mario World video game music and sound effects with his violin, a playful multi-screen edit of famed Japanese music composer and sound director Koji Kondo‘s work:

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Plus: Lots of videos with violins, sound effects, and animal sounds, including Adult beginner violinist – 2 years of progress in under 5 minutes and Hummingbird: Diego Stocco, Sound Magician.

h/t Laughing Squid.

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