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A Baby Nine-Banded Armadillo found in a yard in Texas

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A baby nine-banded armadillo, introduced by the Texan who found him in the garden and then released him farther afield!

Nine-banded armadillos are generallyΒ insectivores. They forage for meals by thrusting their snouts into loose soil and leaf litter and frantically digging in erratic patterns, stopping occasionally to dig up grubs,Β beetles,Β ants,Β termites, andΒ worms, which their sensitive noses can detect through 8 inches (20Β cm) of soil. They then lap up the insects with their sticky tongues…

Unlike the South AmericanΒ three-banded armadillos, the nine-banded armadillo cannot roll itself into a ball. It is, however, capable of floating across rivers by inflating itsΒ intestines, or by sinking and running across riverbeds. The second is possible due to its ability to hold its breath for up to six minutes, an adaptation originally developed for allowing the animal to keep its snout submerged in soil for extended periods while foraging.

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