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Nobody is Normal, a stop-motion animation for the U.K.’s Childline

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Nobody is Normal is a stop-motion animation created by Catherine Prowse for the Childline children’s charity, a free and confidential emotional support service for young people in the United Kingdom.

Set to the Radiohead song Creep, with lyrics that are edited for the charity’s 13 to 18-year-old target audience, the video is a reminder that there’s no such thing as “normal” and that “however weird you feel inside you’re not alone.”

nobody is normal - in the hall
nobody is normal - in class
nobody is normal - close up
A stop-motion animation director, set designer, and model maker based in London, Prowse created this behind the scenes video, too. Shared below, it’s full of model and set-making scenes that come alive with time-lapse clips.

catherine prowse
behind the scenes characters

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via Colossal.

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