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The Kid Should See This

Non-Newtonian fluid bouncing in super slow motion (1600fps)

We’ve seen oobleck bouncing on a speaker before, but we’ve never see it in 1600fps super slow motion like this. Watch as The Slow Mo Guys color oobleck red, puddle it into an old speaker, and slow it way, way down.

Oobleck is a Seussian nickname for corn starch and water mixed together to make a Non-Newtonian fluid, a substance like ketchup, custard, toothpaste, paint, blood or shampoo that has qualities of both a liquid and a solid, switching between those states in response to how much pressure is applied to them.

The vibration strength will also make it behave differently. Watch this 2008 video for what it looks like in real time with a smaller, more consistent vibration:

DIY: 1 cup water, 1 to 2 cups cornstarch, and a bit of food coloring (optional). Read more at Scientific American or Wired.

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