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Nonagon, a polygon song from They Might Be Giants

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When kids start exploring shapes, they learn basic forms like circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. After that, they’ll soon discover the world of polygons, closed two-dimensional shapes that are made up of straight lines called sides.

This boppy song by They Might Be Giants sings about each of the polygon guests as they show up at a party, including Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, and Nonagon. The lyrics below share who has how many sides.

But wait a second… who didn’t come to the party?

“Everybody at the party is a many sided polygon
When a guest arrives
They will count how many sides it has on
Standing by the window over there
There is a shape with four sides, so it’s a square
And the one who has nine is looking fine
And its name is Nonagon”

“Everybody turns just in time to see the pentagon arrive
Counting up the sides, it is clear the pentagon has five
Chatting in the kitchen we see
There is a triangle whose sides number three
And is talking to the shape that has nine
Who is known as Nonagon. Nonagon.”

“Nonagon, lets in a guest who has shown up late
Its name is Octagon and its sides add up to eight
Turning the music on is a six sided hexagon
And they all get in a line and do
A dance called, ‘the Nonagon…'”

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