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Now, a picture book by Antionette Portis

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“We’re always like thinking about the future. What tomorrow will bring and wanting things we haven’t got but sometimes we need to look at the things we have right in front of us with gratitude. Sometimes what we have now is perfect.”

In the read aloud video above, The Storytime Family shares Now by writer and illustrator Antoinette Portis.

The picture book highlights a little girl’s favorite things, and by modeling the rhythm of her noticing, the text encourages us to appreciate our present moments, too.

This reflective practice of mindfulness can help us recognize and honor more details and experiences in our lives, especially ones which we might have previously overlooked.

mud, earthworm

“This is my favorite leaf… this is my favorite cloud… this is my favorite rain… this is my favorite smell.”

With these declarations, we learn that by paying attention, we can uncover more of life’s beauty and abundance, fostering feelings of gratitude and contentment in life’s simple pleasures.

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