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O Grivo’s experimental musical machines: Bells Machine and Viola Delay

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Wires and wooden wheels pull and rotate, creating a slow drip of tintinnabulation. Sinos / Bells Machine (2017) is an experimental musical machine created by creative duo O Grivo. Composers and craftsmen Nelson Soares and Marcos Moreira met as teenagers and now make mechanism-driven film soundtracks (like this one), as well as sound-making kinetic sculptures and installations. From SFMoMA:

“Not unlike the classic foley artist, who uses humble everyday materials to mimic sounds recorded on location during film production, they employ cranks, wheels, cylinders, discs, wires, pulleys, and electrical motors. In other words, they take materials, gadgets, and even parts of instruments out of their original context and reinvent them…”

Bells Machine
Bells Machine
O Grivo’s Viola Delay (2016) rotates disks attached to stiff outstretched wires that pluck guitar strings in a staccato rhythm as they turn. Watch the video below:

viola delay

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