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O is for Ohm – Circuit Playground

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Adabot, Mho, and Minerva gathered around the flickering flames of a campfire, their faces illuminated by the warm glow. With anticipation in the air, the three friends settled in for a night of scary stories. But little did they know, their campfire session would take a surprising turn, sparking their curiosity in electrical engineering.

singing by the campfire
This catchy campfire song about Ohm’s Law, a discovery published in 1827 by German physicist Georg Simon Ohm, helps Adabot, Mho, and Minerva discover the power of resistance, voltage, and current.

“You can’t break Ohm’s Law because it’s always true. To find one value, you only need the other two:

“Divide voltage by current okay to find the resistance. Resistance times current right will tell you the voltage. Divide voltage by resistance to find the current. And that’s all.”

Learn with O is for Ohm, another video in the Circuit Playground series by Adafruit Industries.

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