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Ocean Moon, Ocean World: The water beneath Europa’s icy surface

Thanks to Earth-bound telescopes and flyby data collected “about the surface, about the interior structure, and about the magnetic field around Europa” by multiple spacecrafts, scientists strongly believe that there’s a liquid ocean of water beneath the Galilean moon‘s icy surface. It’s an amazing possibility, but why is it an important one?

In this video from NASA JPL, Europa: Ocean World, astrobiologist Kevin Hand explains the connections between Earth and Europa, and why we want to know more about what’s below this moon’s crust:

“Where you find the liquid water, you generally find life.”

Related watching about other moons, about Europa, and about searching for life underwater: The Top 5 Places to Look for Alien Life, Testing a Space Rover Under Alaskan Ice, When a Volcano Erupts Underwater, and Searching for Life in Iceland’s Frigid Fissures.

via @ReidGower.

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This video was posted 6 years ago.

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