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Octopus 101: Communication, breathing, and puzzle-solving

You may know that octopuses change color to camouflage, but can these kaleidoscopic displays also communicate their “emotions?” And how do octopuses even change colors? Cephalopod aquarist Candace is back with our giant Pacific octopus—and a supporting cast of wild cephalopods—for some show and tell about the amazing color-changing abilities of octopuses!

This Octopus 101 series from the Monterey Bay Aquarium illuminates lots of quick and fascinating marine biology facts about this incredibly smart cephalopod. Candace Reid-Rose talks about octopus communication and color changes, how they breath

And how aquarists keep the octopuses challenged and entertained with a food puzzle of sorts: A jar with a lid.

Watch the entire playlist here.

Next, don’t miss these two classic videos: An octopus unscrews a jar from the inside and Octopus Camouflage! Plus, a surprising video: The unusual locomotion of a boneless, 600lb octopus.

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