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Odyssey of the Ear, an animated tale of sound

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The brain is a magical organ. For us to hear sound it does things complex and incredible, but not unknowable. The brain takes sound waves, which journey through the air and through our skulls, and transforms them into sounds in our minds. This sonic odyssey is beautiful, filled with weird landscapes, unexpected encounters, catastrophe, and joyful destinations all like a strange aural fairy tale.

Follow a trio of musicians, sound waves on a journey into the cortex of the brain, in a telling of this 2015 tale by Harvard’s Fundamentals of Neuroscience open online course. Odyssey of the Ear was produced and written for the Fundamentals of Neuroscience and HarvardX by Nadja Oertelt, with animation by Andrew Benincasa.

odyssey of the ear
odyssey of the ear
odyssey of the ear
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