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Okuda San Miguel paints a colorful 23-story mural in Toronto

Okuda San Miguel works up high on a swing stage scaffold, the same kind of suspended platform that window washers use. The internationally renowned Spanish street artist sprays sharp edges of bright color fields. They’re smaller pieces of his much larger illustration.

From far below, this colorful 23-story Toronto mural on the Parkside Student Residences is taking shape. “I have a responsibility because big artwork in the street is for everyone. Art has to be for everyone,” he explains. It’s Okuda’s tallest thus far, one of three murals that he’s painted in Canada. He’s also created murals in Taiwan, Morocco, Russia, India, and South Africa. CBC Arts joins Okuda as he painted the piece in this video.

After two years of planning, one month of painting by local artists, 10 days with the artist himself, 960 cans of paint and 140 gallons of latex, Okuda’s 23-storey mural “Equilibrium” went up at the intersection of Carleton and Jarvis.

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