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Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings scurry out to sea

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Normally, these little Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings would be vulnerable to being picked up by predators such as vultures, sea gulls, raccoons, possums, coyotes, and people. But this is a very lucky nest of hatchlings. They are making their way to the water across a Costa Rican beach from a protected nest and under the watch of Rainsong Sanctuary volunteers. From the video notes:

“It is rare to glimpse a clutch of sea turtle hatchlings hatching during daylight hours for their mad dash to the sea. Usually, they hatch in pre-dawn hours [2 or 3 am], to give them more time to get past the challenging obstacles such as driftwood and human garbage blocking their trajectory to the sea. Pre-dawn treks also minimize the dangers of natural predators… what a delight for these Rainsong volunteers to be witness to this epic natural adventure.”

olive ridley hatchlings running for the sea
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings

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