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One Froggy Evening (1955) with Michigan J. Frog

Consider the predicament in One Froggy Evening, a classic cartoon with no spoken words — only singing — that was released into movie theaters on December 31, 1955: A construction worker finds an old box with a singing, dancing frog in it. He hatches a plan for becoming wealthy by showing off this incredible discovery… until he realizes that the frog never performs for anyone other than him. From Wikipedia:

Steven Spielberg, in the PBS Chuck Jones biography Extremes & Inbetweens: A Life In Animation, called One Froggy Evening “the Citizen Kane of the animated short.” (Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 5, Disc 2). In 1994 it was voted #5 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. In 2003 the United States Library of Congress deemed the film “culturally significant” and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

This cartoon may disappear here, so enjoy it while you can. Related info via CartoonBrew: Croaking Out A Tune – The Songs of One Froggy Evening.

There’s more Chuck Jones on this site.

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