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The Ooho edible water bottle, a V&A Object in Focus

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Snack on some water, or drink the water and know that its package will biodegrade in a matter of weeks, just like a piece of fruit. The Ooho edible water bottle is a plastic alternative pouch made from fast-growing, sustainable brown seaweed. Curator May Rosenthal-Sloan introduces the innovative product in this Victoria and Albert video from their 2019 FOOD: Bigger than the Plate exhibition.

handful of ooho pouches
Developed by Skipping Rocks Lab, a sustainable packaging startup founded by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier in 2013, the sachets could replace a variety of single-use containers: Traditional water and beverage bottles, ketchup pouches, take-out condiment cups, and more. From Fast Company:

“If it ends up on the ground, it can either be cleaned up β€œlike leaves,” [Paslier] says, or it will also quickly biodegrade. That’s very different from most compostable plastic, which needs to be in an industrial composting facility to break down. The company’s name, Notpla, stands for β€œnot plastic” but is also a dig at PLA, a corn-based plastic that acts like regular plastic if it ends up in the ocean; algae also uses far fewer resources to produce than corn or some other materials used in plant-based plastic.

They’re also developing the material as a heat sealable film, a net-style produce bag alternative, and a water and grease proofing liner for compostable take-out boxes. What would you create with this biodegradable alternative to plastic?

ooho edible pouch: notpla promotional image
Related reading in Forbes: London Marathon Runners Were Handed Seaweed Pouches Instead Of Plastic Bottles.

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