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An orangutan mother teaches her daughter how to survive in the Sumatran rainforest

Orangutan parents look after their children for around nine years, longer than any other primate except humans. In this Sir David Attenborough-narrated clip from episode ten of the ten-part BBC series Life, a 42-year-old orangutan mother teaches her 6-year-old daughter how to forage high in the rainforest canopy of Sumatra in Indonesia.

“It will take years of learning for the youngster to gain enough knowledge of her treetop home before she, too, can pass on the knowledge to her children one day.”

orangutan mother and child
Their daily activities include understanding which insects to eat, which ones have nests that are safe to raid, and how to tell when fruits are ripe. It’s also essential for orangutan children to learn which tree branches will hold their weight, and how to build overnight treetop nests or leaf umbrellas for a bit of shelter in their ecosystem’s daily inclimate weather.

forest canopy
orangutan daughter in the rainforest
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