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Orca Rescue in 4K: The conservation efforts of Dr. Ingrid Visser

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Follow marine biologist Dr. Ingrid Visser and the wild orca that she researches and advocates for in this episode of HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K resolution: Orca Rescue in 4K.

Filmed on location in New Zealand, this riveting 19 minute video includes an orca rescue, evidence of orca cooperative hunting, education on conservation efforts, as well as first-time footage of a GoPro mounted to a wild orca’s dorsal fin. Incredibly beautiful storytelling.

Orca are one of the most intelligent apex predators on the planet. To learn more about these toothed whales from the oceanic dolphin family, visit National Geographic Kids,,, and The Center for Whale Research, which has an excellent orca ecotypes and forms chart.

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