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Out of Sight, an animated short about perception and imagination

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When a thief steals a little girl’s bag, her dog runs after him, leaving her alone on streets she doesn’t yet know. With a found stick, four of her five senses, and her imagination, “she enters an unknown world and unfolds a magical adventure.”

Out of Sight is a 2010 graduation film by three students at the National Taiwan University of Arts. It was written and directed by Ya-Ting Yu, with backgrounds, coloring, and additional animation and compositing by Ya-Husan Yeh and Ling Chung.

constructing the new environment
As shared by Kottke, one YouTube commenter notes: “for those who don’t know, blind people will clap their hands and listen for the echo to get a sense of how big a space they are in, if it’s wide open or a tightly enclosed space.”

a whale rises in the sky
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