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Over 600 ships arriving at the Port of Amsterdam

In August of 2015, over 600 ships — “from 19th century Dutch vessels to the largest sailing wooden ship” to rowboats, motorboats, tugboats, ferries, and more — sailed through the North Sea Canal and the Port of Amsterdam for SAIL Amsterdam, a celebration of the Netherlands’ maritime heritage.

The time lapse above, filmed by Drone Addicts, shows off the sheer scale of SAIL, “the largest public event in the Netherlands and the largest free nautical event in the world”. The next SAIL Amsterdam is scheduled for August 2020.

Check out more photos from the summer event at

Next: More from the Netherlands and a few boats, including icebreaker boats, hippo boats, French frigate Latouche-Treville, and this 3,500 ton combat ship get launched sideways.

via Joe Holmes.

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