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The Pangolin, an introduction

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Pangolins are mammals that walk bipedally. They hunch and wobble while they walk, holding their large front claws up until they’re needed to dig deeply into ant hills and termite mounds. Their reeeeeally long tongue can reach down into the insect tunnels and their keratin scales can protect them from the biting swarms, as well as from larger predators like leopards and large snakes.

This fascinating video by NatGeo Wild introduces thisΒ wonderfully prehistoric-looking mammal.

pangolin walking
There are eight species of pangolins found throughout Africa and Asia. They are closely related toΒ Xenarthrans – anteaters,Β armadillos, and sloths.Β Pangolins are mostly nocturnal. Some can hang from trees using their prehensile tails. Some sleep rolled up.

There’s a white-bellied tree pangolin living at the San Diego Zoo. You can watch an official zoo video about him:

keratin scales

…then enjoy this more personal introduction:

young pangolin

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